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"Thank you Ms. Rosey for helping me feel like I belong in my classroom by giving my teacher a Patka Box.
I don't feel alone."

Available Books


Knots of Identity

Introducing "Knots of Identity: Patka Poems," a captivating collection of poems penned by Rosey Kaur. Immerse yourself in the meaningful and inspirational passages that explore the journey of the Patka. Ideal for all ages, this book is a perfect read for both children and parents alike.


Click here to place your order and delve into the enriching world of Patka Poems.


Knots of Confidence

Explore "Knots of Confidence: Patka Affirmations," a collection designed to empower children with strength, positivity, and resilience through daily affirmations. Suitable for all ages and parent-child reading, this affirmations book is a valuable resource for nurturing confidence


Click here to order and embark on a journey of self-empowerment through Patka Affirmations.

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