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About Rosey

I'm Rosey Kaur, and I've dedicated over two decades to working as an Early Childhood Educator and Specialist. Throughout my journey, I've gleaned valuable insights from fellow educators and professors, shaping my current position. I am the proud owner of Concept1 Learning Centre Inc., a private homeschool in Caledon, Ontario.


The inspiration for establishing my school, Concept1, originated from my late father, Sardar Rawal Singh. His vision, urging me to contribute to the growth of young minds, materialized a year after his passing. The name Concept1 reflects my commitment to accepting every child in my class as a unique individual, irrespective of their faith, ethnicity, or educational background.


Enduring the challenges of life and career, I've cultivated resilience, embracing the philosophy of continuous progress. This philosophy birthed the vision for Early Concepts learning materials, an endeavor aimed at enriching the educational experience for my students and the broader community.

PHOTO-2023-04-07-10-10-30 4.jpg

One of my recent innovations is the Patka Box™, a resource kit designed for educational institutions seeking a deeper understanding of the Sikh faith. This kit provides support for Sikh boys wearing the Patka to school. For more information on the Patka Box™, refer to the dedicated section on our website.


Thank you for visiting!

Rosey Kaur

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