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My name is Rosey Kaur and I’ve had the pleasure of working as an Early Childhood Educator and Specialist for the early years for over 20 years. I’ve learned from my fellow educators and professors which has enabled me to be where I am today. 

My Story

I currently own a private Montessori-based homeschool in Caledon, Ontario called Concept1 Learning Centre Inc.  Since I was a young girl, my late father, Sardar Rawal Singh, always had this vision of me opening up my school and helping the growth of young children.  I never thought I would have wanted that, but that vision came alive after his death.  The school opened a year later after his passing.

Why the name Concept1?  Every child that walks into my class is accepted as a whole.  It doesn’t matter what faith, ethnicity or educational background a child comes from, I will honour them in my heart.
With all the ups and downs that life and career have thrown at me, I’ve learned to be resilient, have grit, keep going and to never stop moving forward. 

This is where the vision of the Early Concepts learning materials came from.  I wanted to serve my students more. I’m now able to make different activities available to not only my students but to the wider community. 

Early Concepts learning materials will help your child explore, experience and excel.

By investing in your child’s growth with Early Concepts products, you also welcome me into your home. This is a true honour and privilege. I will be with you as needed to help your child grow and develop.

I currently live with my husband in Caledon, Ontario. 

“Plant the seeds of learning that will last you a lifetime,” 
-Ms. Rosey

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