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The Patka Box™
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About the Patka Box™


The inspiration behind the Patka Box™ initiative arose when I received a call from a non-Sikh fellow educator seeking guidance on how to assist a student whose Patka had come off during class. Uncertain about whether to handle it herself or involve the parents, she reached out to me.


In response, I advised her to put the Patka back on, but realizing she lacked the know-how, I decided to step in. Utilizing a video chat, I demonstrated the process by retying the Patka on my student’s head, creating a meaningful and educational moment for both parties.


Guided by my step-by-step instructions, she successfully retied the Patka. This encounter prompted her to inquire about available resources, to which I initially responded with a "no." However, I committed to creating a solution for her.


Later that evening, contemplating the broader implications of the situation, I considered the possibility of other teachers facing similar challenges and numerous Sikh students lacking the necessary assistance. Motivated by a desire to make a positive impact, I conceptualized and developed the Patka Box™, not only to aid her but also to support educational systems at large.


My goal was to ensure no child felt left out or lacked the assistance they needed. For a more detailed account, you can find the story on CBC.

How to order

To place your order, please send a direct DM to our Instagram handle at early_concepts or an email to

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